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Design Office
​Services Provided
  • Website/Domain registration, content design/creation, development
  • Graphic design: business cards, logos, flyers, ads, social media posts, etc.
  • Small Business consulting
  • Monthly website maintenance
  • Social media Profile set up 
  • SEO, keyword
  • Email set up
  • Google Drive instruction & navigation
  • Video editing - Animotica (similar to MovieMaker)
- Services are available by the hour or as a package

The Process

1- We will discuss step-by-step the process to develop & create your site to meet your goals and/or set up your business.

2-  We will discuss the features, functionality, and what your business needs. I'll get a sense of your taste & style and the vision you have to characterize your website and brand/business.

3- Then we'll decide on a package, listing all that we discussed in our meeting. If there is negotiation or variations from a package You’ll get a written estimate of changes and the cost.

You can give me the green light, or we can refine the estimate further. If budget is an issue, we’ll look at the essential or immediate needs to complete, adding extras on at a later time as needed.
Once that is done, you’ll sign off on the project and provide the initial deposit to begin development of your website.

4- We will meet at different milestones during the project and review your web development to address any problems or concerns and keep on the right track. When project is completed then full payment can be made.

I provide very fair pricing. I know how starting and running a small business can add up in expenses.  After the first hour I do provide a prorated price for 30 minute increments.

Free 30 minute consultation is available by phone, in person, or through online meeting (ex. Zoom).

Rates/ Packages

We Accept:  Cash, check, Venmo. Or via Credit Card with emailed Invoice.

Website only Packages: (updated 4/2024)


Basic Website package

Perfect for beginner/simple website to show 1-3 products/svc

  • 3  pages, simple content

  • 3-5 Royalty free images

  • unlimited revisions

  • lead capture form

  • complete website deployment


Intermediate Website Package

Great for small biz with a few products/services.

  • 4-8 pages  + content 

  • 6-10 royalty free images

  • Unlimited revisions

  • 2 lead capture forms 

  • Complete website deployment


Pro website Package

Great for fuller content, e-commerce,

many products, interactive site

  • 8 -15 pages/sub pages, Full content/layout  design, services listing

  • 10 royalty free images

  • unlimited revisions

  • 2 + Lead capture forms

  • Interactive/dynamic pages (product pages)

  • Complete website deployment

Business set up packages:  Includes SEO, biz card &/or logo design, flyers, social media pages, and more. Any extra or al acarte services are billed by the hour.


Business Intro Package

Good for your starting website to showcase your svc/product & brand.

  • 5 pages/sub pages (Basic Website package above + full content)

  • SEO keywords each pg.

  • Social media page

  • 1  logo  design, business card design, or Rack card design

  • Complete site deployment


 Business Standard Package 

Great for stronger brand & engagement, for svc/products

  • 5-10 pages/sub pages  (Intermediate web package above + full content)

  • SEO Keywords each pg

  • 2 Social media profiles

  • 1 logo design

  • 1 business card design or rack card design 

  • business email set up

  • Complete site deployment


Full Business Set up Package

Perfect for full business/brand design; Start to finish  implemenation of business set up.

  • 10 -15 pages + product pages  (Pro web package above + full content)

  • SEO Keywords each pg

  • 2-4  social  &  professional profile set up

  • 1 logo design

  • 1 business card design 

  • business email set up

  • Email service set up (i.e. Mailchimp, etc.)

  • 1 promotional piece (i.e flyer, brochure)

  • Complete site deployment & web hosting platform set up

We Accept:  Cash, check, Venmo. Or via Credit Card with emailed Invoice.

Payments can be discussed and 1st down payment is %25 of package requested.
All services can be separately charged by the hour.  $60 per hour.
Customized Rates are available.

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