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Emerging Biz Video Newsletter 1 -Tips/strategies

Why this, why now?

Are you creatively promoting yourself in 2024? This is the Emerging Biz Newsletter for small/rural communities. Here to help you creatively grow your business and presence in your local community because we need small business owners to keep the livelihood of our economy alive!

There are so many challenges lately with job opportunities shrinking! Yet there are many people with great talents, skills, and expertise all around our cities and communities. Many of you are venturing into entrepreneurship and I want to help!

What kind of community I’m looking for..

Hey, entrepreneurs young & old! I want to share the lessons I have learned in starting my own small business. For those living in a small or rural community, who are looking for advice, ideas, and recommendations in growing a new business, I want to support you. I love to collaborate and connect you to resources.

So here it goes…


1)      Focus on one main skill or expertise. Don’t spread yourself too thin, doing too many things to please too many people. Do the one thing you do well first.

2)      Ask your friends, peers in your community what problem do they need solved relative to your skill set? What is actually a need for people in your area and how can you help?

Work on these and you have a great start to finding a worthwhile endeavor.

More tips & videos on a bi-weekly basis. I love to brainstorm and share ideas on how you can promote your business where you are!

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