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Emerging Biz Video Newsletter 2 - Tips on color

Hello fellow entrepreneurs,

Happy Leap Year! I’m here to help you to creatively grow your business and presence in your local community.

This video newsletter has a small business, Laurel Creek Campground sharing their lessons & thoughts on being a business owner.

Click the link to see full video of tips regarding color usage in your website.
Video newsletter pic for Tips on website

My Tips for today;

1)      When selecting colors in your business/branding, logo, etc. use The Rule of 3: select a main color, a secondary color, and an accent color. I didn’t mention it in the video but: 60% is your dominant hue, 30% is your secondary color, and 10% is for an accent color. Doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule, but a great guideline. Make sure they coordinate together & look good together. Use a color wheel if needed.

2)      Beware of using too many colors, or very dark, ominous or muddy colors. Use good contrast so that your design &/or logo is clear and clean looking.

Want to learn what certain colors represent or what emotions or assumptions are made? Keep watch for either a video on details or a PDF on color and color combinations!

More tips & videos on a bi-weekly basis. I love to brainstorm and share ideas on how you can promote your business where you are!

BTW… Free workshop: Register/info Here March 6th, 8am at Cumberland Business Incubator- Crossville, TN. I am hosting a free web re-design class. Learn 8 top tips to make your site look clean & professional! There will be feedback & critique on class participant's websites.

What kind of community I’m looking for..

Hey, if you know a small business in the area who would like to share what they have learned as a business owner, let me know. I love to interview them, or collaborate and connect you to resources.

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